Eco Clubs Seminar

GIPS has organized Eco-Club seminar at the school premises for spreading the awareness to save environment. Presence of the chief guest Mr. Lokesh Mohan sharma Distt. Science Supervisor, Rupnagar along with Mr. Yashwant Bassi and Mr. Foran Chand made the event a great success. All contributed their knowledge to the present teachers& Eco-Club in charges, how to promote the students to clean our surroundings. They all shared their experiences and encouraged them to do various kinds of activities related to environmental issues. They also encouraged them specified the role of Eco-Club in the schools. It is our responsibility to make planet earth clean and green. Managing Director Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Mrs. Gunwant kaur and vice principal Mrs. Poonam Dogra appreciated the event.
More and more of us are realising that our future depends on protecting the health and well-being of our children and the planet. To do so we must educate our new generations of citizens with the skills to solve the global environment problems that we are facing now day. How can we have a green future, or a green economy without green schools? Imagine if schools were lenders in environmental sustainability, giving students the tools to be inverts, and giving them a healthy environment in which to learn and play, what will it impact…… truly tremendous specially on health of students…
She told that she want to make her school green to develop environmentally literate students and tech them environmental and health values that will stay with them for life.
It helps to provides a healthy environment and it teaches our children to be less wasteful and more responsible. The teachings of a green school will radiate to the community. It should be one of the easier initiatives that will have the greatest impact on students.
The event was highly appreciated. Slogan by Mr. Foran Chad ‘Jahan hai hariyali, Wahan hai khushhali’, was the limelight of the seminar.


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