Math Activity

Genius students celebrated Maths Day, it recognises Shri Ramanujan’s contributes & aims to support & promote Mathematics to help people, collect, analyse & interpret data. Students of Genius from classes 1-9 celebrated Maths Day by doing maths activities in the classes under the guidance of Head of dept. Ms. Priya Vasudeva and Ms. Neetu:
The following activities have been done:
1. To make real objects of polygons.
2. To make abacus making.
3. Find symmetry in objects.
4. To find mean, median, mode of weight & height.
5. To make frequency distribution table of blood group of students.
6. To find the volume and surface area of 3D shapes.
The main purpose of these activities was learning beyond the books in a practical way. Ms. Poonam Dogra, Vice-Principal appreciated the efforts done by teachers and students and motivated them that these kind of activities should be done in future too.



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