Seminar by NASA scientist in GIPS

Dr. Kumar Krishen renowned senior scientist and lead technologist from NASA Johnson space centre visited genius international Sen. Sec. Public school, Ropar. This distinguished speaker, shared his 51 – years in service of NASA with the students. He elaborated his experiments, innovations, research work and his tremendous development in a live way. He mentioned his various developments like development of innovative Radio Frequency Treatment for Cancer, and development of an innovation fire fighter suit, development of advanced Communication and tracking system, development of Microwaves Technique for Remote sensing of ocean and hurricanes, assured Robotics vision methodologies. He enlightened everyone with the knowledge as a powerful tool. He also shared to highlights of the upcoming future of Automation in the information technology. Managing Director Mr. Bhupinder Singh and Adviser Mrs. Gunwant kaur, Vice-Principal Mrs. Poonam Dogra appreciated the Science Guru Dr. Kumar Krishen and encouraged the students to follow his steps. AT the end our honorable speaker inspired the entire school by conveying his thoughts of hope, peace and prosperity.


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