Seminar on “ Coping with exam stress”

Today Vice-Principal Mrs Poonam Dogra gave seminar on “How to Overcome Exam Stress”.

Today students learn how to reduce stress for exam success. The purpose of the seminar was to help the students to manage and reduce the stress during their exams.
How they can recognize negative stress and making changes before it gets out of hand is key to managing extra pressure. She said that most people experience pressure, stress and anxiety when it comes to exams. Whilst a certain amount of pressure is good for us and helps us to perform well, it is important to keep some balance and perspective. She also said that organise your revision time. Planning ahead will mean you can keep to a sensible schedule; Don’t feel you have to spend every waking hour in the library, revising well means revising wisely and balancing work with exercise and relaxation. She have also put together some tips and techniques to help them to prepare for exams. She also told that they should eat healthy food, vitamins, revise and recap, organize . plan, have sound sleep.


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