3rd day of ‘Shakespeare Week’

Role – Play based on ‘Poem – The Seven Ages’ written by William Shakespeare was enacted in morning assembly as it was third day of ‘Shakespeare Week’ students of +1 class performed very well. They described that man has to perform different roles in his entire life. Man has to act different according to the age and circumstances. It was applied by students that the world is like a stage and every person is just an actor, comes and does deeds, in the end, left the world after living an eventful life.
Ms. Poonam Dogra Vice-Principal appreciated this dramaist depiction of role play done by the students. Also she assured that this time student of the year award, best class award and 100 % attendance award will be given to the student in this academic session. She motivated that always think big dream D- Dedication R-Responsibility E-Education A-Attitude M-Motivation. Also she told students that “Believe in yourself you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”


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