Anti-Plastic Campaign

Students of Genius International School organized an “Anti-Plastic Campaign” which focused on the hazardous effects of plastic on the cows and their right to live a plastic-free life. It is observed that there are hundreds of cattle on the roads feeding on garbage, of which plastic is in large quantity. The ingestion of plastic sentences them to a slow and cruel death if they do not receive help on time. Most people are not aware of this cruelty because, to them, these animals are walking about ‘peacefully’ on the road.

The students held placards and raised slogans like ‘Make plastic an enemy and Paper a good friend’ and “Polythene ko dur hatao, Dharti ko bachao (Avoid plastic and save the earth)’, etc.
Vice-Principal Mrs Poonam Dogra said that “We mainly wanted to educate the children about the use of eco-friendly materials, so that they can drive home the message to their family and friends. Children are great communicators. And as they are innocent, people feel obliged to listen to them.
The school plans to make such drives a regular activity for the schoolchildren


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