Online wikispaces project

21106647_1606059352824502_1882663040848125280_nYou will be glad to know that GIPS is going to start Online wikispaces project ” Our Environment Our Health 2017″

This project is designed to help you understand the relationship between our health and the health of the environment.

Students work in assigned groups on a specific aspect of environmental health.The groups are made up of a selection of students that are spread across the students involved in the project. Where possible no more than two students from one class are in a group. This arrangement is so the students are meeting their group membership in the digital space, rather than the physical space. Now and in the future, working in digital groups with members from anywhere in the world is an important life skill. And having group members from different classes, schools, countries brings a rich mixture of possibly new ideas.

Each group will work together to gain an understanding of the effects of pollution or overuse on the physical and social environment. The group will decide on one cause of pollution/overuse and then work together to come up with a possible solution that your group will put into practice.
So basically its a collaborative project.


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