Dussehra Celebration

Students of Genius International Public School celebrated Dussehra in school with great enthusiasm and energy.The celebration started with the morning prayer and followed by speeches, songs, poems. Continue reading “Dussehra Celebration”


Seminar on ‘Success – The Path’ by Aakash Institute

Aakash Institute, Chandigarh organized a seminar on ‘Success – The Path’ in Genius International Public School on Sep 27, 2017. Mr Amit and his team members came to address the students of classes VIII, IX and X. The session started with an inspirational story to teach the students the real importance of success. It was an interactive session in which students asked different questions to them and gained knowledge about the streams after X class. In the end, Senior Co-ordinator Ms. Chander Kanta, thanked them for sparing their valuable time to guide our students.