Eco-Club activity

Genius International Public School organized many activities under Eco-Club on 27th Sep, 2017. First of all the students of class VII Alpha went on rally on “Save Sparrows” near Ropar. Clothing drive activity was also arranged for the students in which they went to Khusht Ashram. There they donated clothes and interacted to the persons. Ms. Navjot Kaur, Eco-Club Incharge told them about the importance of doing help to the needy in a practical way.

They also hanged up sparrow huts in the Khusht Ashram. The third activity was project on “Soil Auditing” by Puneet Singh (+1), Jasman Kaur (+1), Manpreet Kaur(+1) and Manpreet Kaur (+2). The project was based on soil fertility, soil nutrients and soil auditing techniques. The motive of all these activities was to inculcate good habits in student to save environment, help needy person, love birds etc.

Ms. Poonam Dogra, Vice-Principal appreciated the efforts of students and teachers. She added by saying there was a great need to be aware about these all matters if we want to flourish our future.


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