Seminar on Vedic Mathematics

Today students of IX-X had seminar on Vedic mathematics in GIPS campus with Mr. Jasjit, Country Head of Abacus and Vedic maths. Mathematics is one such division that involves thinking and mind is used at its best. Vedic maths is an ancient, much valuable subject. Its need is demanding now a day due to high competition. Maths is challenging subject for every students and teachers. Students feel much confident in solving long calculations after attending seminar. Vedic maths teaching makes calculation very easy. It is very helpful for teachers and students. On this occasion Vice-Principal Mrs. Poonam Dogra shared her views about importance of Vedic maths. She also told that one of the solution to numerical problem could be the implementation of Vedic maths. It can help to make maths a more engaging subject. So, it was very much amenable to mental calculation and brain stormed session today.


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