Charity on Diwali in GIPS


Diwali means ‘Deepawali’ as name guide us to celebrate Deepawali with lights of candles and diyas which lighten our life. Today, Punjab Badhir Vidyalya, School for Deaf and Dumb, situated at Ropar students reached in Genius campus and showed their working skills in form of beautiful shaped candles and diyas. All materials made by these students were really unique and beautiful. Genius school students and teachers admired lovely colourful material and bought candles and diyas for sake of charity. It gives us message that charity should be done as per our limit provides inner satisfaction and happiness. Ms. Poonam Dogra, Vice-Principal appreciated all students and the hard work of the students of ‘Punjab Badhir Vidyalya School for Deaf and Dumb’ and said that Charity is one of the most noble tasks that a man can do in his life. She also motivates all the students to celebrate Diwali without crackers and with eco-friendly diyas and candles.


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