Celebration of Biological Diversity Day

On the Biological Diversity Day, marking the 25th anniversary of International Biological Diversity Day, under the theme “25 years of Conversation for Biodiversity”. In the Morning Assembly at Genius International Public School, speech was delivered by Ms. Maninder Kaur. Continue reading “Celebration of Biological Diversity Day”


Celebration of Republic Day

“We believe in peace and peaceful development, not only for ourselves but for people all over the world.” — Lal Bahadur Shastri

Republic Day was celebrated by the staff and students of Genius International Public School with patriotic fervour. The national flag hoisted by the Managing Directors Ms. Gunwant Kaur and Mr. Bhupinder Singh along with  Vice-Principal Ms. Poonam Dogra. This was followed by our National Anthem ‘Jan Gan Man’ sung by a team of students.  The programme ended with the distribution of sweets.

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